18 weeks and counting...

April 2014

18 weeks bump selfiePositive pregnancy test


Reminising on that last 18 weeks, I have been lucky, with no sickness or complications so far. At points I've needed to pinch myself...Is this really happening? The 12 week scan didn't even make this pregnancy seem real to me, with the same sense of reality as watching a sitcom in our front room.

Being able to tell people and share in my excitment has made it all feel more real, and after one afternoon around the 16 week point, I had what I can only describe as tummy cramps, and then the next day my bump just poped out from nowhere. I now finally feel pregnant! Sadly though I'm no longer able to fit into my jeans without help from a bellybelt, and I've gone from a 34C to not fitting into the 34DD bras I bought at 12 weeks...so tomorrow I'm off to M&S!

In the last two weeks I've been feeling baby move, and the past few days Jon has been able to feel the movements on the outside too!! This new development has made me feel more reasured, and it's nice to connect throughout the day with baby (like a little secret we're sharing). The feeling is strong, like a pushing sensation, not the flutter or butterflies that many talk about.

Last Thursday we met with our local midwife where we were informed my blood group is the very common O positive, and that my Iron count is 12.9 which she tells us is a positive sign (considering my mother had a very low iron count during her pregnancies, I was keen to know if I would share the same problem). I would hope all my levels would be good since I have been taking Boots Folic Acid & Vitamin D before and up until my 12 week scan, when I switched to Seven Seas Pregnancy multivitamins and Seven Seas Omega 3 maximum strength Fish Oil tablets. Bundles are avalible (I've read Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil tabets or Fish Oil tablets containing Vitamin A are dangorus to take when expecting...read more)


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