28 Weeks

June 2014

28 weeks 28 weeks


I had been meaning on keeping my blog and website updated, but some how life has just allowed no time for this to happen...although I have found time to make all kinds of baby related things; such as fitted sheets for our Stokke Day Bed after finding it far too expensive to buy them off this shelf. I've also made blackout curtains for the nursery and pretty cushions to match! The hubby is busy painting what has turned into the entire house...so life has been pretty much filled with preparations for our new arrival.

Sadly these past 28 weeks have not gone unnoticed for my body. Apart from the bump which is inevitable, I have been suffering from pelvic pain, which started with the very disturbing sensation of my hip joint grinding as I walked, and moved round to my tail bone and now my pubic bone area. I have since found out that it is all to do with my hormones relaxing the ligaments that hold these areas in place, and so the only thing I can really do is take life a little slower (no running for the train or taking the dog for long walks) Thankfully with slowing down and being mindful of my limitations, I no longer have pain everyday and now only suffer when getting out of bed in the mornings or if i have over done it at yoga or have been on my feet too long at work.

The main thing I have noticed being pregnant for the first time is just how much people comment on the size of my bump. It's hard to say if I mind or not, but it does become irritating after a while when the comments are 'Wow you look massive' or 'You've popped out' or 'You look very small, should you not be bigger by now' Thankfully during my last two midwife checkups I have been measuring spot on, so I will just have to ignore the comments and be happy that there has been a lack of touching from strangers as many blogs seem to imply can happen!

What I have been enjoying the most about being pregnant is styling my bump, with a mixture of new loose fitting or maternity and my regular clothes. Somehow having a bump just makes dressing so much more fun! I have been loving the brand Mamalicious, who make the best maternity jeans, which are bang on trend, and fit perfectly. I've even bought maternity denim shorts and dungarees! The other place which is great for maternity clothes is asos, who have a wide selection to choose from, and offer free returns. Topshop I was hoping for more from and sadly they have just not delivered! So instead I have been buying into their regular looser fitting dresses which I hope to be able to use after the birth too. 


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