DIY Wedding - Wedding Buttonholes

May 2012

I was quoted £8 for each buttonhole by a local florist, and so with our budget in mind... 

The night before my wedding, with the extremely helpful hands of my lovely bridesmaids. Fuelled by a good old cup of yorkshire tea, I formed a factory line in my kitchen making buttonholes and a flower girl bouquet. We made around 10 buttonholes including a couple of special ones for the ladies (MOB and MOG) I hope this post will inspire you to save money and do the same!

A classic wedding photography shot is a close up of the buttonholes, even the bouquets often become the main focus in bride and groom wedding photographs. Designs can vary and it is worth having a practice / play before the day, as I found that my own garden roses and sweet peas were lovely for my mums and mother-in-laws special buttonholes and to use in the mini bouquet I made for my flower girl - shame I didn't have enough for all the groomsmen really!

I bought all the floristry equipment from Rays Florist Sundries which is an eBay shop. The flowers were ordered online from Flowers4Florists which is a wholesale florist. Ribbon can be bought from any local haberdashers or I find eBay again is a good place to look.

How to make a wedding buttonhole

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • 20 gauge stud wire
  • Thin silver rose wire
  • Floristry seam tape
  • Pearl headed pins
  • Narrow ribbon to decorate (Between 0.5 - 1cm width)
  • 1 x Rose
  • 3 x Rose leaves or 2 x Cobnut leaves and foliage (Rosemary works well)


Start by selecting the best looking flower, remove the first couple of petals carefully to reveal new petals and putting these to one side in water.


Remove the best looking leaves from the roses. Cut so that you ensure the stalk is as long as possible.


Set to one side a selection of foliage. I bought rosemary from my local supermarket for about 60p a bag. For this buttonhole I have used fennel from my garden which is not the best choose as it didn't last!


Using the stud wire, pierce the flower steam about 0.5cm below the flower head, passing the wire halfway through and folding down the stem, again wrapping one wire round the stem and other wire.


Holding the flower pierce the flower with the silver rose wire through the petal and pull the wire gently down in line with the stem. Wrap one wire around the other and the stem about three times, this will stop the flower from opening too much.


Take each Cobnut leaf and turn it over, follow the central vain of the leave. Stitch the rose wire through the leaf either side of the vain at a position about 0.5cm from the tip of the leaf.


Before adding the leaves and foliage twist floristry tape round the stem and wires once, starting from the bottom of the flower head and work round to the tip of the stem.


Arrange the leaves and any foliage around the flower head and attach by twisting the floristry tape round the stem. until all wires and the tip of the stem is fully covered without the stem being too bulky.

Use the Pin to attach the buttonhole.

Polly Coupée

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