Jon Coupée

Jon Coupée I relish all things creative. Making things. Building things. Moulding things. Composing things. Folding things. Designing things.

I enjoy sunrises, and sunsets. Long walks, and short walks. Walks along the beach, walks in the countryside.

I like rivers, and waterfalls. National Trust, and beautiful gardens. Wildlife, and nature. Honey bees, and honey.

I play friendly poker, and Texas Hold'em.

And most important of all, I love taking photographs.

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DIY Wedding - Crossword and Pencil

July 2012

Not all your guests will know each other, but they will either know the bride or groom. We wanted an ice breaker, to help guests initiate conversation with each other.


DIY Wedding - Tissue Paper Pom Poms

June 2012

We gave ourselves the ambitions task of decorating a working modern barn, at nearly 10 meters high we had a lot of space to work with. We started by lowering the height of the roof with drapped fabric and 300 LED lights. We then used a mix of over 50 blue and white tissue paper pom poms.


DIY Wedding - Wedding Candles

April 2012

Table decorations alone can soon add up to a larger portion of the wedding budget then first anticipated - vases, flowers, candles, decorative sand, mirrors, bottles, whatever look you're after, you'll soon realise you need a set for every table.


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